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Joining East Cleveland Arts as a free member and coming to the groups or classes you can access your work, photos and videos from your groups. Click the link below or join us in a class or group to get your free membership.

What benefits does free membership have?

As an East Cleveland Arts Member, you become a part of a special community of art lovers who support everything we strive to do. Free membership gives you access to the East Cleveland Arts online learning platform which means that you can continue to learn and grow as an artist even when you aren't atteding a group or class.

Simply fill in the form below and when you start attending the groups or classes your membership will be ready and waiting for you.

Anything else?

As a free member of the East Cleveland Arts when you start attending groups you get to become a part of a community of art lovers in all its forms, as well as:

  • Your own artist profile, private and public gallery.
  • Access to tips and tricks to help improve your art.
  • Photo and video from the groups and classes you attend, so you never miss a beat.
  • Monthly Newsletter

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