Due to current coronavirus restrictions we will not be holding screenings of the Community Cinema, as soon as these restrictions are lifted we will be ready to start immediately.

The South Tees Movie Club

The South Tees Movie Club offers classic and off the cuff films from around the world. Steamed online for movie club and East Cleveland Arts members.

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Just Breathe
Sydney is a troubled teen heading for trouble. After being caught shoplifting and a case of alcohol poisoning, Sydney's desperate single mother sends her off to the country to live with her father, Ben, and his new pregnant wife, Emma. Sydney misses her boyfriend, her city life and doesn't get on with her dad or stepmom. Slowly she starts to settle in as she makes friends with Jess, a local girl whose mother died of cancer. Sydney makes a couple of mistakes but after her grandfather's death the extended family start to heal.
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05 March 2021 at 19:00

The South Tees Movie Club

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Me Without You

Growing up in the 1970s on the Isle of Wight, Holly and Marina make a childhood pact to be friends forever. For the troubled, unpredictable Marina, with her seemingly glamorous father and her Valium-addicted mother, Holly stays the only constant in a life of divorcing parents, experimental drugs and fashionable self-destruction. Meanwhile, Holly buries herself in books out of feelings of frustration with her over-protective mother and a nagging insecurity around her beautiful and possessive best friend. She holds just one secret from Marina, her increasing passion for Marina's brother Nat. As the years roll by, the girls experience everything life has to offer, sex, love, loss and rock 'n roll. But eventually for Holly, a friendship which has never been equal gradually begins to feel like a trap

Niko & The Way To The Stars

Niko & The Way To The Stars is a Scandanavian tale about Niko, a young reindeer who discovers that his father is one of Santa Claus's reindeer. He also learns that the reindeer are in danger from being attacked by a pack of wolves, and it is up to Niko and his friends to stop the wolves and save the reindeer.

Capricorn One

This month in our classic sci-fi month we start with the Capricorn One, released in 1977 and it poses quite a relevant question to modern life, NASA decide launch a mission to Mars but when its funding is cut they decide to fake the mission

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